15 Best Memes of the Dallas Mavericks Getting rid of Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo meme

The Dallas Mavericks regret making the Rajon Rondo trade and won’t be playing him anymore. Not in these playoffs, and not next season or anytime at all. Meme makers are having a ball.

The legend of Rondo has been exposed. No longer some enigmatic genius who is misunderstood. He’s simply a player who needs very special treatment; a diva, and one that has a very high opinion of himself, and isn’t as good as he thinks he is.

The Mavericks were better off without him. He broke an offense that had the best numbers in the NBA until his arrival, stirred up some locker room problems and made Rick Carlisle hate him with the power of a thousand suns. Carlisle wants nothing to do with Rondo anymore, so the Mavs listed him as out with a back injury indefinitely, as in they don’t want him back, anymore.

Mark Cuban has failed in his plan to dismantle the Mavericks after a championship and turn them back into contenders within two or three years. Maybe the Rondo trade was a risk he had to take, but it turned out to be the wrong one, and staying with Jameer Nelson and Brandan Wright, not to mention the draft picks, might have brought different, better results.

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