9 Best Memes of the Golden State Warriors & Stephen Curry Sweeping the New Orleans Pelicans

Stephen Curry Sweeping meme

There’s nothing surprising about the Golden State Warriors sweeping the New Orleans Pelicans in the first round of the NBA playoffs, but meme makers still had a field day with Stephen Curry taking Anthony Davis out.

Game 4, the elimination game, was anti climatic, as these games tend to be. Not the overtime thriller with a buzzer beater (by Curry, who else?) to force it. Instead the Warriors ran away with the game until the Pelicans cut things down a little bit in the fourth, but never got closer than 7 points. In short, it wasn’t really a close series except for in one game.

Anthony Davis had a very good series individually, but his impressive numbers don’t mean all that much when he’s playing in front of a team that seems to be destined for greatness, although no one knows for how long that window will be open due to the usual problem, salary cap.

But that is next year’s problem. For now, it’s an immensely talented group doing something very special together. Sweeping the Pelicans, so it seems, was just the beginning.

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