14 Best Memes of the Houston Rockets Knocking Out the Dallas Mavericks from the NBA Playoffs


The Houston Rockets knocked the Dallas Mavericks out of the playoffs, beating them 4-1 in the first round series, giving fans a perfect opportunity to get back at the Mavs through memes.

Why? Because Mark Cuban loves to ruffle feathers in Texas by showing his dislike for the Rockets and Spurs. He called the Rockets predictable, and not such a good team. He took Chandler Parsons away through restricted free agency. He’s not laughing anymore.

The Mavericks haven’t made it past the first round since winning the NBA championship in 2011. Someone needs to do some thinking if their approach and signings over the last three years made sense.

Meanwhile, James Harden is getting confident, and hungry. It’s his first trip past the first round with the Rockets (made the NBA finals with the Thunder), and he feels the West is ripe for the taking, aiming as high as possible.

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