14 Best Memes of the Indiana Pacers Beating the Miami Heat

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While it’s always big news when the Miami Heat lose, the Indiana Pacers aren’t exactly a shocking team to do it. Especially when they got some help from referees, so the memes coming after game 1 in the Eastern conference finals weren’t just about making fun of LeBron James and his team, but also about bandwagon Pacers fans and NBA officiating.

When a team shoots more than twice the free others their opponents did, you usually sense something wasn’t quite right. Sure, the Pacers went a lot more inside, but even when the Heat did attack the basket, they needed to get a lot more contact than the Pacers did in order to get to the line, as even a star like LeBron James didn’t get any special, not to mention fair treatment.

And it’s only game 1. But people are already getting ready for the changing of the guard. The Indiana Pacers have been waiting for this moment two years in a row, twice suffering from meeting the Heat without home court advantage. Now they have it, and going back to these teams records against each other over the last few years, it matters a great deal.

Things haven’t got testy yet. No clashes or brawls on the court, no stinging comments through the media about anything. Be sure that when it happens, the quality of the memes and their cruelty will improve.

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