20 Best Memes of the Los Angeles Clippers Choking Against the Houston Rockets

The Los Angeles Clippers seemed to be cruising towards a win and the conference finals in game 6, but Josh Smith and Corey Brewer had a huge fourth quarter, leading a massive comeback for the Houston Rockets and sending the series into another game 7. The meme makers, as expected, focused on the choke-job by the Clippers.

How bad was it? The Rockets held a 19 point lead late in the fourth quarter, but the Rockets outscored them 55-19 from that 87-68 lead, silencing the Staples Center as the defense suddenly seemed impregnable, and the offense couldn’t miss anything.

The interesting thing about their comeback was James Harden, playing less than 100% healthy, shooting awfully from the field (5-of-20), sitting on the bench during the Rockets’ run. Corey Brewer with 15 points in the fourth quarter alone. Josh Smith nailed three 3-pointer in the fourth quarter and was huge on defense. Dwight Howard finished with 20 points and 21 rebounds.

Doc Rivers said his team stopped playing, trying to run out the clock. That turned from a small snowball falling down the hill into a massive, destructive avalanche. Now the Clippers have another game 7, but this time on the road, with two losses in a row to carry them into Houston as momentum.

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