23 Best Memes of the Miami Heat & Chris Bosh Destroying Lance Stephenson & the Indiana Pacers

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The Indiana Pacers losing to the Miami Heat in game 4 was like a punch in the face to the team with the best record in the Eastern conference. Those suffering the most from the following memes and jokes? Lance Stephenson and his big mouth, Roy Hibbert and his horrible basketball and Paul George for making lame excuses. LeBron James and especially Chris Bosh come out a little bit better.

The Heat won by 12 points, and it wasn’t really that close for most of the second half. Lance Stephenson talked about getting under James’ skin, but LeBron scored 32 points while Stephenson finished the first half scoreless and got a few meaningless garbage time points, nothing else. Roy Hibbert spent most of the time doing nothing on the court or looking sad and contemplative on the bench.

Chris Bosh had his best game of the series, scoring 17 points in the first half and 25 overall, unleashing his inner dinosaur or to be more accurate, finally playing some good defense and hitting open long range shots. Rashard Lewis is Erik Spoelstra’s secret in this series, playing two fantastic defensive games, mostly handling David West very well.

Paul George had a decent game, but he had to ruin the OK impression by blaming the referees at the end of the game with his free throw innuendo. If the Pacers keep looking for the refs to save them or some misguided sense of justice to come into action, they don’t have too much time left in this postseason.

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