23 Best Memes of the Miami Heat & San Antonio Spurs Reaching the NBA Finals

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An NBA finals rematch is something we haven’t had in sixteen years, as the San Antonio Spurs begin planning how to beat the Miami Heat this time, which obviously results in memes making fun of both teams, as LeBron James and the Big Three take a special spot in the front.

One thing people love to bash the Heat with is being “bought” unlike ‘natural champions’ like the Spurs or the Celtics. As if signing or trading for players makes anyone more legitimate than drafting players out of college.

But after James won his first and then second NBA title, there was nothing left to throw in his face, so now it’s about playing with great players next to him – something EVERY champion has done since the beginning of time. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, the Celtics throughout forever, the Spurs. It’s never a one player thing.

For the Spurs, this might be a last chance. But we heard that in 2013 after they lost to the Bulls. We heard that in 2012 after they lost to the Thunder. We’ve been hearing that ever since they won their fourth championship in 2007. ¬†They keep coming back for more, and maybe this season they’ll finally get that fifth ring, standing in the way of that almost impossible to get three-peat.

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