22 Best Memes of the Netherlands Destroying Spain

No one saw this coming: The Netherlands getting their revenge on Spain and beating them 5-1, leading to a long and hilarious list of memes and jokes at the expense of possession football, Vicente del Bosque, Diego Costa and more than anyone Iker Casillas, while Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben get to enjoy a very flattering day.

If it wasn’t for Van Persie scoring that equalizer in the 44th minute… But every football match (and moment in life) has a what if attached to it. The Spanish side got a goal from a penalty kick that didn’t exist. They dominated possession, but aside from one David Silva shot after Alonso’s goal, looked more disorganized than dangerous.

And the Dutch? Counter attacking football at its finest, be it by finding Robin van Persie with a brilliant long ball from Blind or simply letting Arjen Robben run all over the Spanish defense, while Iker Casillas makes a mistake whenever its possible for him.

Diego Costa might be regretting his decision to choose Spain over Brazil? According to memes he is, but one match doesn’t dissolve and empire. However, a painful experience like the one Spain just had certainly makes it possible they’ll be the next in line of World Champions who don’t make it out of their group stage four years later.

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