8 Best Memes of the Oklahoma City Thunder Destroyed by the San Antonio Spurs

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If all it takes to beat up the Oklahoma City Thunder is moving to a small lineup which means only one true big man playing along with four shooters, then the San Antonio Spurs are as good as gold to make the NBA finals after handing another beat down to their younger, more talented, but badly coached opponents.

No more Serge Ibaka effect, at least until game 6. Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant were just normal without the defense to create open shots and transition offense. On defense, the duo were terrible. On offense they were just good, which wasn’t enough.

Tim Duncan didn’t need a lot of minutes to lead his team in scoring with a double double he needed just over two quarters to get. Playing against just one big man guarding him worked very well, as Popovich forced the Thunder’s defense to stretch out, while Scott Brooks looked at his bench and realized he has shot himself in the foot by throwing players out of the rotation.

It’s far from over, and the Thunder have done very well in their previous 2-3 situation in this postseason. However, they don’t have home court advantage to help them out, and right now are the team that needs to adjust and get a huge game from their stars.

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