19 Best Memes of the Paul George & Derrick Rose Injury Situation

Just when Derrick Rose was coming back (again) Paul George got himself injured with a broken ankle, which means an entire season missed by the Indiana Pacers star, resulting in plenty of memes trying to make fun of the situation.

No one has seen more jokes being made at his expense without actually doing something bad than Derrick Rose. Being injured and not playing or playing well makes you an easy target. Rose is into his second “Return” and is playing with Team USA, with George heading into his first season of a max contract.

Players have bounced back from these long injuries. Rose might finally be on the right path, although he will need more than just a little bit of luck, which hasn’t been on his side over the last two years. George was unlucky in the way he fell. Trying to see this as a bigger thing is simply trying to ride it out for your own ends.

The biggest losers out of all of this, obviously, are the Indiana Pacers. Lance Stephenson is gone, Paul George is gone too. The playoffs – forget about a championship or contending for one, seem like something too difficult to reach.

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