20 Best Memes of the Philadelphia Eagle Cheating to Beat the Indianapolis Colts

Another comeback win for the Philadelphia Eagles doesn’t have fans focused on the victory, but more on the two bad calls that helped them beat the Indianapolis Colts, as shown by most of the memes in the hours and day after.

Two bad calls: The LeSean McCoy touchdown and the interception in the fourth quarter, which was preceded by a pass interference that was never called. The Colts were still the ones who didn’t manage to slow down the Eagles’ defense in the final 20 minutes of the game, but the referees had a huge hand in it.

It’s one thing to make debatable decisions, even after reviewing. However, actually missing easy calls right in front of your eyes is becoming an alarming trend. Some might say it evens out in the end, but the problem is bigger than just a mistake here and there. Coaches get fired, players lose their jobs because of these things at times.

But the bottom line, which is something no one can change, is that the Eagles won. They’re 2-0, and already dreaming about this season being the one in which they finally go all the way. Probably not happening, but it’s always nice to dream.

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