4 Best Memes of the Pittsburgh Penguins Knocking Out the Ottawa Senators

The Pittsburgh Penguins return to the Stanley Cup finals, something that hasn’t been done since the two consecutive Penguins – Red Wings finals in 2008 and 2009. Meanwhile, the Ottawa Senators leave Canada out of the finals once again; both things merit salty memes.

The Senators dragged the heavily-favored Penguins to a game 7 (they dropped a 2-0 lead) and to double overtime in the deciding game, but the Penguins have been clutch in this postseason, getting the goal they needed from Chris Kunitz, his second of the game.

Now it’s an opportunity for the Penguins to become the first back-to-back Stanley Cup champions since the Detroit Red Wings, 20-year ago. What would it mean? In this era of hockey, where it’s much more difficult keeping top-tier talent together, it cements just how great of a job has been done with this team ever since it was saved from the brink of disappearing, and perhaps, despite what the haters love to say, just how great Sidney Crosby is.

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