19 Best Memes of the San Antonio Spurs Knocking Out Kevin Durant & the Oklahoma City Thunder

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While we have ourselves a rematch in the NBA finals, it’s time not only to praise the San Antonio Spurs, but as memes and jokes tend to do, make fun of the losers, which happen to be the Oklahoma City Thunder, with Kevin Durant taking a lot of heat for not being able to be like LeBron James, despite that MVP he won in the regular season.

That’s how it works. You might be the second best player on the planet, but people live off others’ failures. Durant and the Thunder have turned from likable underdogs into arrogant favorites most of the time, so it’s no surprise many were just waiting for them to slip up. If the Spurs would have lost we would have seen jokes about age and what not, but the better team pulled through.

Somehow the Indiana Pacers and especially Roy Hibbert, perhaps the meme MVP of the playoffs, also gets included in this list. It’s going to take time for him to be completely forgotten about in terms of how bad he was in these playoffs.

Things return to normal – a Heat vs Spurs NBA finals (which the Heat preferred to avoid, probably), Russell Westbrook blamed for Kevin Durant still not having a title ring and, and Kevin Durant getting laughed at despite being the second best player on the planet. That’s how it works.

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