11 Best Memes of the San Francisco 49ers Firing Jim Harbaugh

Somehow, being ultra successful as a head coach for a franchise that has been failing for almost a decade isn’t good enough. Mutual agreement or being fired, Jim Harbaugh is no longer the head coach of the San Francisco 49ers, which these memes clearly show if you haven’t already heard.

Harbaugh won two NFC West titles, went to three conference championship games and reached the Super Bowl once with the 49ers. He finished only 8-8 this season, but people have been hearing about him leaving since before the first snap in week 1. It wasn’t the record or not making the playoffs that lost him his job.

So what did? It depends which rumors you would like to believe. Harbaugh supporters make it seem like it’s all about his personality burning bridges with players and the front office, making it impossible to work with him. The other side of the ball is an egotistical owner and general manager who tried interfering too much with a man who doesn’t like someone whispering orders in his ear.

Harbaugh is a very good coach. Great teams don’t do well without very good coaches. As important as general managers tend to be, the NFL is still a head coach league first. That’s something Niners owner and others in his office never understood, which is why a perfectly good tenure of a head coach has to end, which might lead to a very depressing future.

Still gets fired

Dumb and Dumber

Michigan is on the phone jimmy


Season Finished

Not fired, laid off

Time to buy tickets

Dumb ass

Dry run begins

Michigan is still my bitch

New bitch

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