35 Best Memes of the Seattle Seahawks Losing to the St. Louis Rams

Seahawks bandwagon

The Seattle Seahawks are finding it quite difficult to adjust to a world where they’re not that good in, exemplified by losing two games in a row, including one to the St. Louis Rams, and becoming quite a hit with meme makers who just waited for the opportunity.

As the cliche says, winning a Super Bowl is easier than defending one. The offensive line isn’t clicking, the legion of boom seems suddenly overrated and quiet and every little thing that worked so well last season, including getting the officials on their side and winning the close games has suddenly been turned around.

Don’t get me wrong – the Seahawks are still a very good team, but more flawed than in last season. Trading away Percy Harvin may have helped them in the locker room, although from what players seem to say, they didn’t feel like he was such a distraction.

The St. Louis Rams win thanks to creative decisions by Jeff Fisher and one, huge gutsy one. It might not get them in the playoffs, but when you’re in such an inferiority position due to the talent difference between the team, you have to narrow the gap somehow.

Richard Sherman asking for help

Old but classic

Logging out

Laughing at the Seahawks

In loving memory meme

Seahawks bandwagon emptying

12th man not here

One hit wonder meme

Best corner in the league

Missing Harving meme

Logic Sherman

Heard about Percy

Screaming isn't working

Post traded harvin

Uh Oh

Panic button meme

Beg to differ

Seahawks fans be like

Halftime adjustment don't work

Next NFL dynasty

Bragging rights

The new jersey

Feeding off Seahawks


Hearing excuses

Brave Jeff Fisher

Never liked them anyway


talking to pete

Bills Meme

Jeff Fisher right now

Rams Special Teams


First and then

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