28 Best Memes of the Seattle Seahawks & Referees Cheating to Rob the Winless Detroit Lions

It happened again: The Seattle Seahawks get saved thanks to the wrong call by the referees, as K.J. Wright batted the ball away illegally. The memes focused on the Detroit Lions staying winless, Kam Chancellor saving the day and Calvin Johnson fumbling what looked like a sure touchdown.

There’s a very good chance Wright didn’t know that slapping the ball away on purpose out of the endzone for a touchback means the ball going back to the Lions from where the fumble occurred (on the goalline). But the worst part is that the referee didn’t know about the rule as well, which is quite worrying. Either that or he can’t see for [email protected]#$.

The Lions are now 0-4 despite not being the worst team in the league. Their offense is stuck, and the one sure thing they’ve always relied upon, Calvin Johnson, got stripped of the ball on the goalline by Kam Chancellor, whose return means a lot to the Seahawks who are trying to create some sort of momentum we usually see from them at this point.

Michael Bennett made the funny remark of the game, telling Paul Allen, the owner, via the media, to pay Chancellor, who held out for the first two games of the season. With the Seahawks winning the two games he’s been on the field, giving up a total of 10 points, it looks like Bennett has a point.

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