25 Best Memes of the 2014 World Cup

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is over. The host nation is feeling humiliated, and so did Cristiano Ronaldo when he left in the group stage. Germany leave as the big winners obviously, while Argentina, despite the loss in the final, had their moments, like other teams that didn’t go all the way, yet still have the memes to back them up.

This world cup began with Brazil getting some help from the referees, and carried on with the Netherlands destroying Spain and putting an end to one of the most successful periods we’ve seen from a national team.

There was also the goalkeeper trend, as Guillermo Ochoa and later Tim Howard won a lot more praise than the rest of their teammates for their performances in matches their teams didn’t win.

We had Argentina getting help from the pope until they met Germany. Even religion can’t intervene when someone’s that much better in football, but the most memorable moment of this tournament will be Brazil humiliated in front of their fans as Germany sawed through them with a record semifinal win, beating them 7-1 in what will obviously be the most memorable moment of this World Cup.

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