31 Best Memes of Tom Brady & New England Patriots Getting Crushed by the Kansas City Chiefs

Tom Brady Meme

The best days of the New England Patriots with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady are behind them. The Kansas City Chiefs made sure to prove that once again, and people making NFL memes were making the most of the opportunity as well.

Brady looks bad at the start of the season, not just by the lofty standards he has made all of us get used to. Maybe it’s not just his fault – the offensive line is crumbling and receivers can’t get open. But Brady can’t make deep throws and can’t escape any pressure on his own.

The Chiefs had the right combination to expose those weaknesses. Just like the Dolphins in week 1. Just like quite a few teams last season. This isn’t something new, yet it’s so weird to see because of so many years of excellence.

But there’s a reason the Patriots have failed to win a Super Bowl for so long, and it divides into dozens of smaller reasons. It begins with Bill Belichick, whose aroggance as a head coach turned him into a bad general manager, and turn the Patriots into what seems to be a very ordinary team.

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