10 Best Memes of Tom Brady & New England Patriots Losing to the Miami Dolphins

The New England Patriots aren’t used to losing on their season opener, but visiting the Miami Dolphins exposed the worst in their team and also Tom Brady himself, obviously getting the memes to focus on him.

Brady said a few days before the season began that he’ll retire when he starts to “suck”. His performance against the Dolphins in the second half, as the Patriots gained just 67 yards, most of them in garbage time, were evidence that maybe last season wasn’t a mistake.

Maybe him overthrowing and underthrowing passers, which happened quite a lot in the AFC Championship game against the Broncos, wasn’t just a one-time occurrence, and there really is a very sharp decline.

For Brady haters, it doesn’t take much to start pointing out the flaws, the behavior when things don’t go his way and his ability to make great throws disappearing as the offensive line crumbled around him.

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