33 Best Memes of Tom Brady & the New England Patriots Destroying Andrew Luck & the Indianapolis Colts

The legend of Tom Brady and Bill Belichik continues to grow, moving on to a sixth Super Bowl in 14 years at the expense of the Indianapolis Colts, as the memes celebrated the New England Patriots achievement by mostly making fun of Peyton Manning.

Because there’s always a rival, even if he’s no longer in the picture. And the Patrtios and Brady have gotten used to winning against him (although they did lose in last year’s playoffs to Denver). Now they’re getting used to beating, no scratch that, crushing, Andrew Luck and the Colts whenever they cross paths.

No quarterback has played in Six Super Bowls. Brady is going to try and make this one count after losing the previous two. Luckily for him, there are no New York Giants with the anti-Brady, Eli Manning, waiting for him at the end of a two-week wait.

Belichick found a way to make his defense great again. He keeps winning in new ways. He keeps finding ways to make Tom Brady look timeless, not to mention flawless on most nights. Maybe he has one more trick up his sleeve, and being regarded as the underdog going into the Super Bowl probably doesn’t hurt.

Better than Peyton Chin Music Brady's bitches Manning will be back Killing the Colts Hernandez in jail Somebody stop First Colts or Raiders Giants are out Take us there Riding the Colts They hate us caue they ain't us No Losers Allowed Caveman can't do it Acronym New Colts shirt I know how you feel The best there is Colts receivers Let me win Legend Thanks Tom The Pats Throne Taught him well Remember Foxboro Running up the score Saved your seat Best day of my life Quitting Blount Colts flask

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