27 Best Memes of Tony Romo & Dallas Cowboys Beating the New York Giants

Dallas Cowboys Meme

The Dallas Cowboys are the hottest team in the NFL, with Tony Romo and DeMarco Murray doing an incredible job. Their latest victims were the New York Giants and Eli Manning, to the celebration of the meme makers.

The Giants weren’t as embarrassing as they were in the shutout loss against the Eagles, but they once again trailed for most of the game, as turnovers, not terrible blocking and protection, cost them the game.

Meanwhile, Romo has turned into one of the more accurate passing machines in the NFL (although turnovers are still difficult to avoid) thanks to the Cowboys putting an emphasis on running the ball through the unstoppable DeMarco Murray.

It’s hard to call the Cowboys Super Bowl contenders because of the last 19 years. And still, they have the best record in the NFL, and probably deserve more respect than they’re being given.

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