44 Best Memes of Tony Romo & Dallas Cowboys Beating the Seattle Seahawks

Dallas Cowboys Meme

The most talked about team in the NFL is always the Dallas Cowboys. Usually the ones making memes and jokes make fun of them, but not this season, and especially not after the offensive and defensive clinic they put together in the toughest stadium in the league, as Tony Romo outplayed Russell Wilson while beating the Seattle Seahawks.

Richard Sherman, despite what you’ll see next, wasn’t exposed. But he didn’t do anything special either. He’s not unbeatable, and when officials allow other teams to break the rules as much as the Seahawks themselves, it’s suddenly a level playing field, and that infamous home field advantage doesn’t seem so scary.

Wilson was the one who threw the fourth quarter interception, not Tony Romo. Romo was efficient and avoided mistakes, while making one huge play in the fourth quarter to keep a dying drive alive, eventually ending with a DeMarco Murray touchdown. The Seahawks couldn’t get anything going their way in that fourth quarter, and were even lucky to have an interception by the Cowboys be called an incomplete pass instead.

So the Seahawks are fake and the Cowboys are for real? Not yet. The Seahawks rarely lose at home, but the Cowboys beating them there isn’t the end of the world. But it does say something about how good the Dallas Cowboys are, and how seriously they must be taken this season.

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