30 Best Memes of Tony Romo & Dallas Cowboys Destroying the New Orleans Saints

While the Dallas Cowboys were beating crappy teams, no one paid attention. But winning against the New Orleans Saints and running all over them? No one saw that coming. Tony Romo looked great, DeMarco Murray is turning out to be a superstar back, and the memes, for once, didn’t make fun of the most hated team in the NFL.

The Saints were down 24-0 and 31-3 before starting to score touchdowns, eventually losing 38-17. It wasn’t remotely close. The Cowboys defense didn’t make mistakes or allow big plays. Drew Brees threw an interception, while Tony Romo seemed calm against the blitz, which wasn’t very effective. Rob Ryan, if you didn’t know, doesn’t have a different defensive mode.

Running the ball isn’t a bad idea, as it turns out. Murray is leading the NFL in rushing yards and is getting between 25 to 30 touches a game. Unlike previous years, maybe Garrett has realized that riding the Romo train might be exciting, but it usually ends in heartache and disappointment.

And the Saints? From NFC Championship contenders, they’re now 1-3. With Payton, Brees and a lot of offensive talent, we expect a come back, but it’s quite clear there are problems they need to fix right now.

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