31 Best Memes of Tony Romo, Dez Bryant & the Dallas Cowboys Losing to Aaron Rodgers & the Green Bay Packers

The Dallas Cowboys left their playoff game with the Green Bay Packers angry about the officials’ decision regarding the Dez Bryant receptions. As expected, the memes focused mostly on Bryant whining, Tony Romo losing again, the Detroit Lions feeling justice was done in a way while Aaron Rodgers simply rules all.

Maybe it’s a stupid rule, but it’s still the rule: Dez Bryant’s catch, according to the rule book, should have been an incomplete pass, and the officials did the right thing by reversing their decision. The Dallas Cowboys lost the ball and never touched it again after that play, but like the Lions last week, they didn’t lose the game just because of that call.

Tony Romo played well. Bryant played well. DeMarco Murray played well. And they still lost. Sometimes these things happen. The Packers, as John Madden might have said, simply scored more points than them or made more plays. When the numbers don’t show a significant difference, it comes down to making the big play at the right time. The Cowboys scored 0 points in the fourth quarter.

Lions fans are happy, but not too much: These are the Green Bay Packers they were rooting for just because they themselves got screwed. They probably won’t be supporting Aaron Rodgers and his hurting leg when the Packers travel back to play the Seattle Seahawks, hoping to do a little bit better than on their last visit.

Dez Bryant meme

I Took 3

CJ Rule




Stephenson blows


One Play


Almost had it

Tears of Dem boyz

Go home

Lions fans


Karam Song

We Dem Losers

Packers MVP

Cry in the car

We talked a lot

Tony Romo day

Going golfing

Rodgers question

Master of challenges

5 Points less

Road game record


Money no good here

Laughing at the Cowboys

Aaron Rodgers got them like

New York Bozo

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