22 Best Memes of Tony Romo & the Dallas Cowboys Crushing the Washington Redskins & Making the Playoffs

There’s no team “neutral” NFL fans love hating more than the Dallas Cowboys. But when they’re doing so well, the memes are celebrating their beat down of the Washington Redskins, as Tony Romo leads them through a perfect December, winning the NFC East and returning to the playoffs.

Returning as in going there for the first time since 2009. The Cowboys finish the season at 12-4, which includes winning all eight games on the road. Of those road wins, one came against the usually impossible to beat Seattle Seahawks, and against all three division rivals after losing at home to the Eagles and Redskins.

The Cowboys also get a home game to start the playoffs, playing the Detroit Lions, who are also quite unaccustomed to being in the postseason. Both teams haven’t had a playoff win in a very long time, but something is going to change.

The Cowboys finish a season on a high after an awful start. The cliche suggests it’s not about being the best team in the league, which the Cowboys clearly aren’t with this defense, but about carrying the best momentum into the playoffs. While there are other contenders in that category, the Cowboys can feel very confident about their situation.

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