29 Best Memes of Tony Romo & the Dallas Cowboys Destroying Andrew Luck & the Indianapolis Colts

The Philadelphia Eagles thought Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts might be able to save their season. Instead they saw Tony Romo playing a perfect game and the Dallas Cowboys destroying everything in their path, clinching a playoff spot and spawning an endless amount of memes, celebrating and making fun of the losing sides.

Romo, behind the immense offensive line he has seen assembled over the last few years, had only two incomplete passes while throwing four for touchdowns. He never saw pressure coming his way, and even when there was some danger, his feet carried him towards first downs.

The Colts were so bad they benched Andrew Luck at some point. No need to risk him in an awful game for him and the team (two interceptions), as the Colts got on the scoreboard only after trailing by 42 points.

The Cowboys redeemed themselves this season after missing the playoffs four years in a row. Tony Romo is all of a sudden out of his December curse, recognized as clutch by some. It’s still soon to call them Super Bowl contenders, but they’re on the right path to get there.

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