30 Best Memes of Tony Romo & the Dallas Cowboys Losing to the San Francisco 49ers

The Dallas Cowboys couldn’t have asked for a worse way to start the season, as they got humiliated at home by the San Francisco 49ers, with the meme and joke makers focusing on Tony Romo throwing interceptions and the stadium being filled with the “wrong” kind of fans.

Wrong? It simply seemed like there were more 49ers fans inside the stadium than Cowboys supporters. Or maybe they were simply louder, having something actually worthwhile to cheer for.

But the big concern for the Cowboys has to be Romo. Not just decision making, but maybe a different quarterback after the back surgery he had to go through. An interception isn’t always just about the quarterback making a mistake, but two of the throws were completely Romo’s fault.

The defense is another matter, leading to the brilliant meme of James Harden, known for being an awfully lazy defensive player, being the team’s defensive coordinator. However, the Cowboys knew their defense was in bad shape going into the season. They were hoping a healthy Romo could counter that.

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