27 Best Memes of Tony Romo & the Dallas Cowboys Winning Again

Tony Romo Meme

After the Dallas Cowboys won a fourth consecutive game, beating the Houston Texans this time, memes were focusing on the move Tony Romo pulled on J.J. Watt, the usual abundance of away fans at Arlington and just how angry Cowboys haters must be right now.

Romo threw an interception again, but it didn’t stop the Cowboys from winning. He wasn’t the only one the team with a turnover. He still led big drives at the end of the fourth quarter (ending with a missed field goal) and overtime, this time with a happy ending.

Despite the pessimism and the talk of the bad defense, the Cowboys are 4-1, which is tied for the best record in the NFL. They do have to play the Seahawks next week which probably changes the mood a little bit, but even with another loss, the Cowboys are in a good situation and a solid place.

This is what happens when there’s an offensive line. The running game is alive as DeMarco Murray has been the best running back in the league this season, taking a lot of pressure off of Romo. It doesn’t eliminate the mistakes, but it certainly makes it easier to overcome them.

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