21 Best Memes of Wisconsin Ruining Kentucky’s Perfect Season

None of my business

The undefeated, perfect season Kentucky were having ended at the hands of Wisconsin, Frank Kaminsky, Sam Dekker and Bo Ryan in the 2015 Final Four, and meme makers were happy to jump at the NCAA Tournament exit of the Wildcats and especially John Calipari.

Last year Kentucky beat Wisconsin in the semifinal after a big comeback in the second half. This year? Wisconsin let it slip for a couple of minutes before coming back, and shutting down the deepest, most talented team in the nation.

And John Calipari got out coached again. As if his players weren’t prepared for a team that can score from everywhere and isn’t exactly afraid of big men who dominate the paint. Frank Kaminsky and Sam Dekker are the kinds of players Calipari will never recruit or even think about, but they were a nightmare for his high draft pick players.

Kentucky aren’t evil. Calipari isn’t evil (sort of). But it’s more fun looking at basketball and sports that way. Wisconsin were the good guys in this, and they have one more game against another “evil” team to let the “goodness” prevail for a second straight season.

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