The Best Moment of the Nadal – Djokovic US Open Final: The 54 Shot Rally

In a match that was mostly about Rafael Nadal reinstating his dominance over the ATP Tour, Novak Djokovic had a moment of happiness for himself, as he won a rally that lasted for 54 shots, helping him claim the second set before falling in the next two to give Nadal the 2013 US Open title.

While the story after the match is Nadal winning his first non-Roland Garros title since 2010 and making it to 13 Grand Slam titles, now only four away from Roger Federer and in perfect striking distance, Djokovic did enjoy the moment of the match, winning the longest point of the contest, coming out on top in the 54 shot ping pong duel.

There weren’t enough of these moments for Djokovic, who has lost something over the last year and a half in terms of the ability to keep pushing at opponents until they break. Nadal tries to make points short and efficient, backed with a serve that he hasn’t shown us since his incredible 2010 season.

djokovic nadal

Two grand slam titles in one year after missing so much time on the courts is certainly one of the most impressive comeback stories we’ve seen in recent years, while Djokovic and the rest of the tour enter this sort of limbo as Federer slides down the rankings and a new order has yet to be established.

The big winner from all that chaos is obviously Rafael Nadal, but at least Djokovic, who hasn’t looked too impressive for the entire tournament, got himself one moment to smile about when he looks back at the match.

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