13 Best World Cup Memes of Clint Dempsey & the United States Beating Ghana

A feeling of Patriotism and pride flows through the United States of America after the World Cup opening win over Ghana which began with Clint Dempsey scoring the fastest goal in the tournament so far and ended up with the winner from Josh Brooks. The result? Memes and jokes of Red White and Blue.

Someone wrote after Jozy Altidore was taken off the pitch that Ghana are in trouble now. Altidore isn’t a bad striker. He actually fits quite nicely in Kilnsmann’s system. A strong, fast footballer who can press. He doesn’t have an impressive shot or technique, which was bad for him in the Premier League, but if he isn’t injured too badly, for the USA it’s more than fine.

Clint Dempsey was the real hero of the match. Not just his lightning quick goal after only 30 seconds, but playing after getting smashed in the nose. There’s nothing like a bloody face to rally the troops, or players in this case, around you.

Soccer might not be huge in the United States, but World Cup time is different, especially when the only league playing right now is Major League Baseball. Another win from the USA in the tournament, and the attention will reach a record high.

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