20 Best World Cup Memes of Cristiano Ronaldo & Portugal Destroyed by Germany

After the Germany and Thomas Muller bulldozer went over Portugal and Cristiano Ronaldo, it was only natural the memes and jokes of the following hours would focus on that match and also on Pepe for another foolish, violent and irresponsible moment.

For all the good Pepe can do on the pitch, the man is a walking liability, and if it wasn’t for the horrendous refereeing that is often in favor of the big teams in Spain, he would be setting a record for sending offs. He doesn’t always commit violent fouls out to injure players, but he has at least one incident almost every match in which he hits or harms a player off the ball, something that should be an automatic red card.

Cristiano Ronaldo might be a victim to his own narrative, but he sure did look like someone who doesn’t want to be out there playing football with a losing team. No Real Madrid teammates, nothing good coming from the Ballon d’Or winner what so ever. In short, like this, Portgual don’t have a chance.

Germany got the benefit of the doubt on both penalty decisions and the red card, but were overall superb with their ball movement and attacking play, the complete opposite of the one direction, one way Portugal team, waiting too much for their star player to save them.

T. Muller


Where are you

Getting older

Crying Cave

Penaty for Germany

Close Enough

Drunk Camel

What Happened Next

Only one Ronaldo

Red Card for Pepe

Pepe Heat Map


Pepe logic

Big difference


Complaining Again


Club vs Country

Portugal tactics

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