14 Best World Cup Memes of Italy, Spain & More

Just as people are busy watching all the matches of the World Cup, there are those equally busy creating memes and jokes about what’s been going on – from the Netherlands thrashing Spain to more up to date things like Andrea Pirlo being a legend for Italy and Honduras getting KO’d by France.

There’s the praise coming to Didier Drogba who came off the bench for the Ivory Coast while his team were down by a goal against Japan. Drogba didn’t actually do anything, but in three minutes the Ivorian team was leading by a goal.

Marcelo’s face continues to follow us, although we chose the less dirty version (the other one involves a certain Brazilian fan). And when it comes to faces, the king of the World Cup so far has to be Bruno Martins Indi, although it is fair to assume that Diego Costa brings out that kind of reaction from more than just him when he starts his idiotic shenanigans.

We have a lot of own goals. We have our first proper use of goal line technology in the France – Honduras match, although it still had people complaining. It goes to show you that no one will ever be able to make all 100% of football fans happy about anything at the same time.

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