6 Best World Cup Memes Still Making Fun of Iker Casillas & Spain

It’s funny how so much swagger and confidence disappears in an instant. Spain get crushed by the Netherlands, and all the memes and jokes suddenly focus on how bad Iker Casillas and Spain suddenly are.

While Andres Iniesta tried to repeat his lines from Barcelona losses over the last two seasons (one loss doesn’t mean we’re a bad team), Iker Casillas took all the blame on himself, Vicente Del Bosque spoke about some major changes and Diego Maradona agreed with Jose Mourinho no how bad Casillas really is.

In the Netherlands they’re still celebrating. Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben are the new Batman and, well, Robin, for a lack of a better sidekick (Batgirl didn’t really fit in this one), and the Dutch, like Italy and Brazil, are part of the power trio to start off this World Cup on the right foot.

It’s not over for Spain – it’s simply very difficult, as they’ll need wins over Chile and Australia to qualify, and hopefully do it with enough style and dominance that goal difference doesn’t come back to haunt them, as we thought the days of Spain getting knocked out in the group stage (1998) are long one.

Had one job RIP Tiki Taka The result Van Persie Into his mouth Batman & Robin

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