Big East Football – New Look Two Division Schedule

The Big East is being reshaped, torn apart and built up again. What comes out in the end of all the realignment in College Football, with the Big East as the big losers among the AQ conferences, although frankly, they’re not even close to the rest of the big five conferences? For now, it’s a two division conference, with 12 teams, some of them on their way out.

The 2013 season will feature new members Boise State, San Diego State, UCF, SMU, Houston and Memphis, but also the last season for two important members in the conference, Louisville and Rutgers. The Cardinals are leaving to the ACC, the Scarlet Knights to the Big Ten, although their departure dates are still up in the air.

The name, the Big East, no longer actually fits the roster of the conference. With Cincinnati (also thinking about leaving), Connecticut, Louisville, Rutgers and Temple, current members and the ones joining for the first time are spread all around the country, including Florida (South Florida and UCF), Texas (SMU and Houston) and even the West Coast, with the San Diego Aztecs also making their 2013 debut. Other schools from across the nation – Tulane, Navy and East Carolina will soon be also a part of a hard to define conference, that is now not even close to elite or distinguished.

Of the interesting and bizarre conference games we’ll see next season, we’ll see Cincinnati and SMU both having away games in San Diego and in Florida, while both Florida teams don’t get to travel to the West Coast against Boise State and San Diego State.

The Broncos, who are 83-8 over the last 7 years under Chris Petersen, get to play at home against Houston, Louisville, Memphis and Rutgers and will play away games in Cincinnati, San Diego State, SMU and Temple, making them two time visitors to the Eastern time zone.

Louisville, expected to be the preseason favorites, get UCF, Memphis and San Diego State at home. Rutgers have to play both Louisville and Boise State on the road. Memphis are the only other school who have to visit those two.

The East division is made up of UCF, Cincinnati, UConn, Louisville, Rutgers and South Florida. The West division is made up of Boise State, Houston, Memphis, San Diego State, SMU and Temple.