Blue Jays Over Red Sox – Fan Almost Steals the Show

It was Edward Encarnacion with two home runs to lead the Toronto Blue Jays to a 6-4 win over the Boston Red Sox that was the big star of the game, but a fan who looked incredibly calm and unexcited about having a ball miraculously land in his hand that might have been the most memorable moment from the game.

However, this is baseball, with implications on pennant races and other individual statistics. Maybe the best power-hitting team in all of baseball (second in slugging) already did quite well for themselves in the first game of their series in Boston (7-4 victory) and carried on in the same way as Encarnacion hit home runs for three RBIs in consecutive at-bats during the second and third innings off of the struggling Clay Buchholz (2-4, 6.32 ERA) to reach 13 home runs this season.

Buchholz gave up nine hits in 4.2 innings, allowing four earned runs while striking out only two batters. The offense did work, at least late in the game as the Red Sox rallied from 1-6 down to score three runs in the 8th inning as Esmil Rogers did a terrible job of holding on to the lead, but Casey Janssen came through with the save in the ninth to make sure the Blue Jays’ big hitting didn’t go to waste.

Blue Jays beat Red Sox

Jose Reyes (2-for-5) hit a single to center that got Juan Francisco home in between the Encarnacion home runs, followed by scoring singles from Dioner Navarro and Anthony Gose to give the Blue Jays that five run cushion that was enough for them in another impressive power display.

It wasn’t such a bad day for Drew Hutchinson with a winning start (3-3, 3.45 ERA), giving up six hits while striking out four batters, allowing just one run before making his way for a long list of relievers.

The Red Sox weren’t hitting too badly (11-for-39) as A.J. Pierzynski ended his hitting drought with a 3-for-5 performance. Xander Bogaerts was 3-for-4 with one run and one RBI and Mike Carp got in a couple of hits as well while the 1-3-4 hitters of Grady Sizemore, David Ortiz and Jonny Gomes combined for a very poor 0-for-14 at the plate, not getting a single walk.

Encarnacion is the hottest hitter in the majors right now, making it 11 home runs on his last 15 games. He is the third player with such a streak over the last couple of seasons along with Chris Davis and Dominic Brown, but he is the first player in Blue Jays history to hit so many in so few games.

It’s crazy how this game is. In April, I only had two homers; now I have 11 this month and two in one day. That shows you how crazy this is. I don’t think you can get any hotter than this.

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