Borussia Dortmund – Robert Lewandowski Dirty But Great

Robert Lewandowski

In some circles, Robert Lewandowski might be considered the best striker in Europe. His scoring over the last three years has certainly been helping him in that argument, helping propel Dortmund to the elite of European football with Bundesliga titles and Champions League success. However, there’s is also something of a dark side to the Polish striker.

Rewind to the Champions League final against Bayern Munich. Dortmund are mostly frustrated by a better Bayern Munich side, and Robert Lewandowski himself hardly manages to make himself a factor in the game.

What does he do? Wait for a moment that the referee isn’t looking at him, and takes a vicious step on the leg of David Alaba.

Fast forward to October 2013, playing at the Emirates against Arsenal. Before scoring the goal that gave Dortmund the 2-1 win, marked closely by Laurent Koscielny. Robert Lewandowski decides he’ll create some seperation, but not by shoving off a player. Instead, he simply elbows Koscielny in the face.

Not all elbows in football are red cards, but it was hard to argue about that one, looking completely intentional, and without any sort of remorse. Even the camera doesn’t catch everything centre backs and strikers do to each other during matches, but the referee actually saw Lewandowski using his elbow on the Frenchman’s face and decided a yellow card was enough.

Not too long later, some awful counter attack defending from Arsenal left Robert Lewandowski wide open, bursting down the left wing, where Bacary Sagna should have been, to score the stunning winner after not doing much in the second half. A goal that shouldn’t even have been, as Lewandowski shouldn’t have been on the pitch at all by that point.