Bulls vs Thunder – Kevin Durant not Scared by Overrated Defense

Kevin Durant

While the Chicago Bulls keep sinking, the Oklahoma City Thunder look more and more like the team to beat out West this season, as Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook both look quite unstoppable and almost infallible at the moment.

The Thunder won 107-95 against a team that can’t find itself in an almost full lineup for more than one game. Luol Deng is missing this time, while D.J. Augustin doesn’t seem too familiar with the starting point guard role, even though he did finish with 15 points and 5 assists, showing that things might get better when everything settles down and the Bulls find some sort of consistency.

Kevin Durant scored 32 points on 13-of-20 from the field, adding 4-of-5 from beyond the arc. He also grabbed 9 rebounds and 6 assists, finding it quite easy to blow by defenders or find himself open shots, as the Bulls’ defense and offense fell apart in the third quarter, allowing the Thunder to run away with the game thanks to a 13-4 run. Durant is averaging 30.3 points, 8 rebounds and 4.7 assists over the last four games, shooting an incredible 60.8% from the field. If there ever was someone trying to make a point about his MVP worthiness, it is Durant.

Russell Westbrook had no problem against Augustin or anyone else guarding him for that matter, especially with Carlos Boozer messing up rotation after rotation, allowing the Thunder so many easy points in the paint. Westbrook had 20 points and 10 assists, his sixth double double in seven games. Not an MVP, not on this team, but time after time it’s incredible to see the difference with him and without him, even if he’s not the master of efficiency on some nights.

It’s always good to play teams that are a mess. The Bulls have a defense that can make things difficult for teams, but right now it’s missing some key components, and can’t carry an offense that shoots 37.7% from the field. Joakim Noah had 23 points and 12 rebounds to lead them, but the problem is that he’s also like a second point guard on the floor, having to make too many decisions outside the paint instead of being the guy inside getting the passes.

Taj Gibson scored 16 points off the bench and the Bulls were pretty good during his moments on the floor, unlike the time Carlos Boozer spent playing, shooting 2-of-7 from the field. However, that’s far from the Bulls’ only problem, and far from being something the Thunder care about, as they celebrated the win by kicking Joakim Noah out of the locker room, led by Kendrick Perkins, never missing an opportunity to show how tough he is.

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