Cavaliers vs Celtics – Kendrick Perkins & J.R. Smith Trying to Take Out Jae Crowder

LeBron James, Kendrick Perkins

Things are getting really ugly in Boston, as game 4 between the Celtics and the Cleveland Cavaliers has been marred by incidents involving Kendrick Perkins and J.R. Smith doing their best to hurt (and partially succeeding) Jae Crowder.

This has been going on for quite some time. The Celtics have realised their only way of gaining some sort of edge against the Cavaliers is roughing them up. Jae Crowder seems to be the vanguard on the matter, often directing it towards LeBron James. In an unrelated issue, Kelly Olynyk, possibly on purpose, dislocated Kevin Love’s shoulder. 

But back to the WWE action. First it was Perkins with a screen that was more like a shoulder in the face of Crowder, resulting in a mini scuffle on the floor. Later on, as the Cavaliers seemed to be running away with the game, J.R. Smith retaliated to a little hit from Crowder on his back by punching the Celtics’ forward in the face.

Smith has been ejected. Love is injured, and who knows if it’s serious. The Cavaliers might be missing these two for more than one more game in the postseason, not to mention things getting complicated for them in a game they should be winning easily. I also don’t know how Crowder hasn’t been thrown out of the game yet.