Central Michigan Players Celebrating Their Invite to the Bahamas Bowl

If there’s an opportunity to escape the cold winter of Mount Pleasant, Michigan and go to the Caribbean for a few days, why not celebrate it? Central Michigan football players sure did when they found out they’ll be playing their bowl game in the Bahamas.

The Chippewas are going to a bowl game after a 7-5 season (5-3 in the MAC), their first bowl game since 2012 and only second under head coach Dan Enos. They gave their players a nice little warm edition by showing them a nice video displaying the possible bowl games for them through conference tie-ins, slowly eliminating the options until presenting an enticing video of a vacation in Nassau.

What’s so good about going to the Bahamas Bowl (the first edition of it by the way)? Well, considering that most bowl games aren’t about winning a national championship but actually about giving players a nice bonus for doing well in a tough season, which is particularly true to the smaller programs from the G5 conferences, going to a few sunny days in the Bahamas is pretty much the best thing possible.

It would have been interesting to see the players’ reaction if they’d have gotten a trip to Detroit instead.

Bahamas Bowl