Champions League – Galatasaray vs Real Madrid Predictions

Cristiano Ronaldo

There’s always a chance, but it seems very unlikely that Galatasaray, who haven’t got the most impressive home record in the Champions League this season, not to mention playing without their top scorer and best player, are going to cause some incredible sensation by beating a much better, stronger, talented and well prepared Real Madrid team by scoring four goals in one match.

Even without the suspended Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos, there’s no real contest in the quality between the sides. Jose Mourinho made sure he doesn’t even think about using players that are at risk of missing the first leg of the semifinal, as cynical and annoying his rule twisting antics may be. This time, the acting was a bit better, and there’s nothing UEFA can really do about it.

So what do Galatasaray have to do to turn things around? Nothing, really. Even with Yilmaz, there’s no real contest between the sides, and Real Madrid’s counter attacking style when necessary fits perfectly against a Gala team that usually attacks at home without thinking too much about the consequences, hence their very bad home record in the competition this season. Real Madrid will probably be comfortable hanging back and watching the Turkish champions, in the middle of a very tight title race in their own league with Fenerbahce, try and send everything they have at the Real defense, making the most of turnovers through Cristiano Ronaldo, Angel di Maria and Mesut Ozil.

For Real, it’s just a match to go through, nothing more. Try not to pick unwarranted injuries or get involved in something that might lead to a red card. If Galatasaray don’t score an early goal, there’s not going to be any reason for this match to get heated up, and it should pass as one of the more calm second leg encounters we’ve seen in the competition so far.

Prediction – While any result is possible because of the three goal advantage, a draw between the sides would be a likely result, as Real Madrid are worthy of a goal anytime, while Gala simply want to score one badly.