Charlie Adam, Scoring the Goal of the Season, Which Happens to Mean Nothing

Charlie Adam

With Chelsea beating Stoke City 2-1, the incredible beyond the halfway line goal scored by Charlie Adam becomes meaningless. Beautiful, memorable, but insignificant.

The midfielder momentarily equalized the match at Stamford Bridge as he realized how far Thibaut Courtois is from his goalline. Standing inside the midfield circle but in his team’s own half, Adam used the outside of his boot to give the ball a massive swerve and elevation before the course was corrected mid air, landing in Chelsea’s net.

A penalty kick from Eden Hazard four minutes earlier and Hazard setting up a Loic Remy goal early in the second half made Adam’s goal the subject of countless highlights, but something that didn’t affect the final result, which takes Chelsea a step closer towards winning a Premier League title for the first time since 2010.

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