Chelsea FC – Fernando Torres Embarrassing Eden Hazard in Training

The biggest news and happenings right now at Chelsea don’t have anything to do with Fernando Torres for a change, giving him some time and space to have some fun in training, which includes humiliating Eden Hazard by some cleverly timed stop with the ball.

In one of the segments, practicing on the smaller goals, Fernando Torres was on his way to score in front of a wide open net, with Eden Hazard desperately trying to stop it from happening. Torres feels the pressure coming from the side, and comes to a full stop with the ball, as Hazard slides across the face of the goal and out of sight, to the amusement of everyone in attendance.

Hazard seems to be an automatic choice in the lineup for Jose Mourinho this season, even though his numbers do not suggest that he’s doing that well, just like most of his teammates. Hazard is always on the left, and when he does touch the ball, it’s quite far away from goal. He’s also begun developing a tendency to hold on to the ball for much too long, although it doesn’t seem to hurt him in Mourinho’s eyes, who sees some things differently than the rest.

What comes to mind from Torres’ neat training ground trick is the ball control of Luis Suarez, who pulled off something similar in a match against Fulham, coming to a full halt while Stephen Kelly was chasing him, resulting in Kelly completely losing his balance and Suarez calmly advancing forward.