Chelsea FC – Jose Mourinho Had Enough of David Luiz

David Luiz

After bringing back David Luiz into the lineup for the last two matches, it seems Jose Mourinho is sending the Brazilian centre back to the bench once again, this time possibly for a prolonged period.

Chelsea were at their best in recent weeks when they won 3-0 in Schalke and 2-1 against Manchester City. The defensive pairing in those matches? Gary Cahill and John Terry.

Luiz was always someone the media pinpointed as not exactly fitting the Mourinho mold of the ideal centre back. He’s an excellent tackler and player when he’s into it, but sometimes sees himself a lot more as a creative midfielder or libero than an actual stopped, which can lead to some frustrating displays like in the 2-0 loss to Newcastle in the previous weekend.

Luiz tried too many through balls when it wasn’t quite necessary and didn’t seem to getting into the tackles with everything he had. According to certain media outlets in the UK, Luiz’ teammates have been complaining about his attitude in the dressing room and on the pitch.

Even when Mourinho takes losses lightly in front of the camera without complaining about anything getting in his way of winning 3 points, inside he’s boiling. Those weren’t 3 points he expected to drop, and often feels the need to blame someone for what’s happened. It can’t be him, never.

Remember Asier Del Horno? David Luiz didn’t make a blatant mistake like the Spaniard did 7 years ago against Barcelona, but that one mistake was enough for Mourinho to erase him off the books and pretty much end his career on the top European stage.

Mourinho has changed since then, and we’ve seen he’s willing to give players a chance even after they’ve disappointed him once or twice. Juan Mata didn’t have the best of starts with the Portuguese manager, but has managed to change that opinion, partially. Mourinho still prefers others, but is willing to keep giving Mata chances to impress him, although in a role that might not fit him that well.

In the summer, Barcelona made an offer for David Luiz and Jose Mourinho declines. Not because he felt Luiz was intergral to his plans, but mostly because it was Barcelona making the offer. Considering Luiz’ form so far this season, there might be a chance Mourinho regrets not selling him, and finding someone more useful with the money.

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