Chelsea FC – Jose Mourinho Hates Being Asked About Kevin de Bruyne

Kevin de Bruyne

Now that Juan Mata is back in the lineup, Jose Mourinho is being questioned for another player that’s on the bench – Kevin de Bruyne. However, the Chelsea manager doesn’t like being asked questions that don’t fit his agenda, giving him the trigger needed to get up and leave in the middle of a press conference.

There’s pressure on Mourinho; maybe the kind he didn’t expect to get. After three seasons in Spain which weren’t the easiest due to the less pampering Madrid media, Mourinho was sure his return to England would go a lot smoother, both in the results he’d be picking up and in the treatment from the media.

But Mourinho has been making some questionable decisions, and rotating players in and out of his lineup – like Mata, Willians and De Bruyne, while leaving Oscar and Eden Hazard as untouchables.

After Mata was promised a spot in the lineup after his performance against Swindon and in the second half against Tottenham, the most surprising thing about the Chelsea squad was seeing Kevin de Bruyne being dropped from the squad before the Steaua match. After being asked too many times about the subject, Mourinho decided it was time for him to leave.

This is fantastic because no one asks me about Mata. You have spoken about Mata for three weeks. Now you’re asking about Kevin. You are only interested in the players who are not playing. He was not selected. It was my decision. Only 11 can play and I try to decide by what they do on the pitch, when they play and in training. I was honest with Juan because of what he’s done in training and what he’s done in the game he played, and so he will play. With Kevin I didn’t like the match he played against Swindon and I didn’t like the way he was training. But you only ask about the guys who were not selected. Thank you.

In Mourinho’s defense, he probably has too many attacking midfielders on his squad to keep everyone happy, but the way he’s been acting this season, which has been to throw players under the bus by calling out their ability on the pitch and in training, is very unlike a manager who usually preferred taking all the heat on himself.

It might be less than surprising to see Mourinho get all worked up about a player not being included, reminiscent of his Pedro Leon outburst a few years ago when he started his Madrid tenure, and didn’t understand why he was questioned so much about such a fringe player.

Kevin de Bruyne has been sent to train with the youth squad recently, which strengthens the feeling that Mourinho has something against the young Belgian international. Just a reminder – Mourinho kept De Bruyne despite the option to send him out on loan to a few German clubs like Leverkusen, Dortmund and Schalke.