Chelsea FC – Jose Mourinho Insulting His Strikers

Eto'o, Torres, Ba

There was no intention on Jose Mourinho’s part for his comments on Chelsea’s striker issues and specifically a joke about Samuel Eto’o to be “on the record” but he was taped nonetheless by Canal Plus, leaving the manager quite furious about a private conversation turning into public, leaving him in an uncomfortable spot with some of his players.

The recording made by the French media outlet was made last week while Mourinho was speaking to the owner of the Swiss watch manufacturer Hublot at a sponsorship event last week.

I have a team but no striker. The problem at Chelsea is that we are lacking a goalscorer. I have one Samuel Eto’o but he is 32, possibly 35, who knows?

The remark about Eto’o is probably a reference to the mystery sometimes surrounding African footballers regarding their age.

Chelsea haven’t disputed the comments or their authenticity, but the club is adamant that the comments were light-hearted and not meant for broadcast or publication.

But what’s done is done – Mourinho is angry with Canal Plus, who uploaded the comments on Monday with Mourinho’s comments soon being translated from French and then published around the world.

But did Mourinho say something that’s news to anyone? He has complained about the goalscoring problems more than once this season. His mention of Falcao this week means he is looking for new strikers constantly, but on the other hand he has constantly praised the trio of Samuel Eto’o, Fernando Torres and Demba Ba for their work rate and effort.

Mourinho isn’t new to media controversies and knowing his history, especially with Real Madrid, it’s not beneath him to purposely stir controversy by making such claims in order to motivate speficic players and his team. It doesn’t seem to be the case this time, but you never know with a manager who pays the same amount of attention when it comes to tactics and to what he says and doesn’t say to the media.

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