Chelsea FC – Jose Mourinho Loves Rumors About Him

Jose Mourinho Real Madrid

If there’s one thing you can be sure of when it comes to Jose Mourinho, it’s that he loves being the center of attention. Right after the Real Madrid farewell match from the Champions League, the stage was set for stronger rumors and speculations than ever before regarding his return to Chelsea.

During his interviews after the match, Mourinho kept repeating the words love. A club I’m love at. England, where I’m loved. In Spain, they hate me.

No one really knows what happen between Roman Abramovich and Jose Mourinho in the early days of the 2007-2008 season that destroyed their relationship after three very successful seasons. Mourinho didn’t give Abramovich that Champions League title he wanted, but it’s hard to consider his time there anything but a huge success.

As the following seasons showed, despite the knack to blame everything on Mourinho, regardless of the situation, the way managers have come and go at Stamford Bridge tends to point out a problem with the owner. Ego, expectations, and worse of all, meddling in affairs that he should stay out of, unless the manager wants the owner calling shots when it comes to tactics and certain signings.

Some say there’s already a shopping list prepared for when Mourinho arrives: Falcao, Angel di Maria, Joao Mourinho and Pepe. Similar to the crop that came along with Mourinho from Porto when he arrived at Chelsea nearly nine years ago, along with Michael Essien coming from Lyon.

But something went wrong six years ago, and it’s hard to believe Abramovich has changed, or Mourinho has, in a way that won’t lead to another noisy breakup. Maybe Mourinho is hinting at somewhere else – Manchester City perhaps? Arsenal? Doesn’t sound likely. The romance with Chelsea and its players has been constant since the day he left. Just something in these renewed vows doesn’t make sense.

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