Chelsea FC – Samuel Eto’o Might Not Have Been the Wisest of Signings

Even if Samuel Eto’o still has plenty of goalscoring talent to help Chelsea, it’s not certain that adding him into the mix of strikers was the smartest decision made by the club this summer, and might regret their decision to add the player.

Wherever Eto’o has gone, he has scored goals. But now, that he’s 32 and after two seasons playing on a team that’s of lesser quality than what he’s been used to and where has joined, not to mention the absolute freedom given to him while playing for Nazhi, his ability to bounce back and be the player Mourinho needed three years is questionable.

Samuel Eto'o Chelsea

There have always been issues with his personality and behavior in the dressing room. Roberto Carlos has recently spoken about¬†Eto’o being too much to handle in Russia, and that the Cameroonian star knew how powerful he was and tried to take advantage of his status by doing the work of the sporting director and the manager as well.

While it’s not likely to happen at Stamford Bridge, Eto’o has had quite a few moments of causing dressing room problems, specifically in Barcelona. Maybe his love for Mourinho will keep him in check, but at the end of the day, there’s a good chance that Eto’o is no longer someone who can help a team of the highest levels in European football.

And if Eto’o can’t help, Chelsea are in trouble. They might have the best manager in the league, but their striker situation is a mess. Fernando Torres and Demba Ba are each limited in their own way, and Mourinho might regret sending Lukaku on loan to Everton, even if his lack of love for young and developing players is known and hasn’t really held him back in his career so far.

Eto’o scored 25 goals in 53 matches for Anzhi in Russia – not bad, although one would expect one of the most prolific finishers in the world to do slightly better. If Eto’o is truly someone that doesn’t really see much point to the rest of his career except for making money and remaining in the headlines, his addition might not have been the best thing imaginable for Chelsea to do.

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