Chelsea FC Transfer Rumors – Going After Wayne Rooney or Mario Balotelli

Wayne Rooney, Mario Balotelli

No one loves going shopping in January, but Chelsea do have quite a critical situation with their strikers, who have scored a total of 7 league goals so far this season. The answer? Wayne Rooney of Manchester Untied and Mario Balotelli of AC Milan.

The chances of getting them now? Rooney seems like an untouchable target, at least in January. According to the Daily Mail, Chelsea will only move in on the English forward if the negotiations of a contract extension don’t work out. Chelsea made two bids for Rooney during the summer, when it seemed he had no intention of staying at Old Trafford. Things have changed since, but a bad season (which means no Champions League next year) and/or a bad offer from the club will mean Rooney once again looking to play somewhere else.

Will Manchester United actually sell him? Hard to say, especially with a major rival trying to get their hands on him. However, the risk of letting him go for nothing later on might not be the greatest of choices (currently signed until 2015).

Mario Balotelli might become an easier signing, although not necessarily one that is worth pursuing considering how volatile the Italian striker is and how quickly things change for him and his teams. Balotelli is growing frustrated with the situation at Milan, as the team seems to be stuck in the bottom half of the league, and every step forward is followed by two step backwards.

Once again, it’s hard to believe Milan will actually sell Balotelli as they’re trying to make this season about a European qualification spot and not a relegation battle, but stranger things have happened. What is strange is that Chelsea are actually considering signing such a player in January, which means he won’t be able to play for them in the Champions League, not to mention the huge affect he has on the club from the moment he arrives, for better or worse. Jose Mourinho is quite confident he can handle him.