Chelsea FC Transfer Rumors – If Not Wayne Rooney Than Samuel Eto’o

Wayne Rooney 2013

Dodgy sources mean a great chance of a deal not happening, but with half of Europe now interested in Samuel Eto’o, there’s a good chance Chelsea are going to be in the running for the Anzhi striker as well, if Wayne Rooney proves to be too hard of a target to acquire from Manchester United.

According to the Daily Star, Chelsea aren’t going to break the bank in their pursuit of Wayne Rooney, who has made it clear he doesn’t want to play for Manchester United anymore. They’ve had a £25 million bid rejected by United, but their third bid might reach £30 million, but that will be the end of it, as Roman Abramovich doesn’t feel spending so much on Wayne Rooney is worthwhile.

So on to Eto’o? Possibly, if he isn’t snapped up by then. He might be 32, but he’s probably still an excellent goalscorer. He has 36 goals in 71 matches for Anzhi in all competitions since 2011, and the buzz around Eto’o is that he’s one of those players that is going to score goals no matter where he plays and how old he is. His physical abilities haven’t faded away by that much, but it’s still a weaker competition that he’s playing in at the moment.

Chelsea aren’t going to be the only team interested in the Cameroonian player. Milan, Arsenal and “smaller” clubs have already suggested their interested in the player, but there’s also going to be the question of his wages. Eto’o makes over €20 million a season, and while Anzhi are trying to slash away at their wages due to economic difficulties, it’s hard to find a single team willing to pay this kind of money to Eto’o. Not even Chelsea.

Anzhi might help the new club with paying some of these wages, but that kind of beats the point of offloading him completely. Eto’o himself might cause problems if he doesn’t want to give up on the money he’s earning, as his move to Russia was clearly for the financial gain, and he could have player a few more seasons at a major European league.